Italian Open Rules were published by Frank Cefalu and remain displayed at the Golf Club House.
PCI Golf Club Italian Open
Grand Marshalls and their Mama Mias
1975     Carey Spence and Fran Rabalais
1976     Dan D’Antoni and Fran Rabalais
1977     Henry Rachuba and Ellie D’Antoni
1978     Frank Cefalu and Lynn Rabalais
1979     Wes Randall and Kitty Young
1980     Jerry Kelly and Faye Dossett
1981     Jack Bates and Christine Conn
1982     Stan Calmes and Pat Bartman
1983     L.D. Conn and Michelle Tine
1984     Vernon Watts and Laverne Mathews
1985     Clint Bartman and Helen Farrelly
1986     Rick Leyser and Barbara Brinson
1987     Gerry Johnson and Johnny Carter
1988     Ken Tine and Elaine Reese
1989     Drew Rabalais and Ann Watts
1990     Danny Dunaway and Pat Randall
1991     Richard Warman and Kitty Floyd
1992     Bill Dellicatti and Jan Rideout
1993     Dan Blais and Heather Thomas
1994     Marion Reese and Brenda Blackwell
1995     Tony Forestiere and Shirley Sessum
1996     John Clark and Verna Jackson
1997     Frank Anderson and Sara Schexnaidre
1998     John Stansberry and Connie April
1999     Panorama of All past Celebrities
2000     Eddie Butchert and Georgia Leyser
2001     Greg Federico and Joan Anderson