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Pass Christian Isles Golf Club
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Pass Christian, Mississippi

     Perhaps, the first golfing activity in the Pass was played on a nine-hole course at the Magnolia Hotel. In December 1894, hoteliers A.G. Proctor and E.C. Davis purchased and remodeled the former Pass Christian Institute campus buildings constituting 40 apartments centered on ten acres and named the Magnolia Hotel.  In 1901, a 9-hole Golf Course was laid out promising to be the finest on the Gulf.
     Following its purchase by J.M. McGlathery, it was remodeled and renamed the New Magnolia Hotel, which burned down on April 1, 1915, due to a fire in it's attic.

     The next 9-hole course was operated as the Mexican Gulf Hotel Golf Course and Yacht Club that was located at the north end of Clark Street along Bayou Portage.  The Mexican Gulf Hotel, located on Davis Street at Scenic Drive, burned down in January 1917.

1924, May 17 Shell-Beach-On-The-Bay gulf club resort was located at Dupont/DeLisle area.

1926, July 24 Dredging was taking place at Henderson Point in the development of a $6,000,000 1400-acre resort known as Pass Christian Isles.
     In the late 1920s, a nine-hole course was developed at Inn-By-The-Sea at Henderson Point.  The holes were short with only irons in use.  The course later became a drill field when the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in the 1940s during World War II.

1928, Bay wooden bridge completed

1952, April 13 Charter approval of The Pass Christian Isles Golf Club, Incorporated.

1952, May 17 The first General Meeting of Members and Stockholders of PCIGC was held at the PC Yacht Club.  Members to the Board of Directors who were voted in, were: John Bell, C.D. Taylor, Jr., C.Randall Jones, E.A. Gamard, Rev. Charles Johnson, Sam Whitfield, Howard Lassitier, E.A. Lang, George E.  Morse, Shelby Tucker, and Alec Cunningham.  It was announced that golf play would begin on the first nine holes of the 18-hole course.

1952, June 9 Under the supervision of Alex Cunningham, work started on reconditioning the PCIGC golf course grounds.  During the first two weeks, all of th first nine greens had been graded and leveled and prepared for seed.  All of the fairways had been mowed one time with the fairways widened by approximately 40 feet.  Alex Cunningham had built seventeen gulf courses before his retirement at DeLisle.

1952, August 18, a Fashion Show and Luncheon was held at the Reed Hotel in Bay St.  Louis sponsored by the PCIGC.

1952, August 30 The first nine holes were opened for play at the PCIGC.  The remaining permanent greens were expected to be opened in the next two months.

1952, December 13 The PCIGC held a Harvest Ball at the Miramar Hotel in the Pass.  The Dress Code was overalls or jeans.

1953, January 5 The PCIGC Board of Directors authorized President John Bell and Secretary George Monie to enter into a lease  of the existing lands and improvements of the golf course as developed by Wallace Walker

1953, February 6 A 25 year lease-option to purchase contract was entered into between PCIGC and Wallace Walker.
1953, November 14 Formal opening of the PCIGC.  Dedication of the New Club House which was constructed by Roger Heitzman.  The water piping system for the 18-hole course was completed.  Foot bridges had been erected.  Winter grass had been planted.  A barbecue buffet was arranged to whet the appetites of celebrants following the ceremonies.  The officers were Floyd Brainard, president; C.C. McDonald, Jr., vice-president; and Randall Jones was secretary-treasurer.
     The Course was open to both members and non-members, but local non-members were allowed to play only six times during the course of a year.

1953, December Golf Club Bonds were issued at Par Value of $200 with good discounts.

     Through the next years until 1969 when Camille devastated Pass Christian, the Golf Club house became a major place for Pass and Bay St.  Louis social events and charity fund raising.  There were card parties, Cocktail parties, and dances at the clubhouse.  The area now known as Timber Ridge was still considered part of Pass Christian Isles, although legally. it was part of a larger subdivision called Pass Christian Heights until it was sold to the New South Corporation in the mid-1960s.

1957, June 6 a new slate of Board members was elected.  They were: O.P. Adams, Floyd Brainard, Dr.  George Byrne, Mrs.  La Capehart, Miss Maud Frye, Gen. Doyle Hickey, Miss Ann Liversedge, James McDonald, George Morse, Joseph Phelps, Dr.  Walter Russo, Cary Spence, M.A. Stephens, Harry Wittmann, and Larry Flynn.  The following week, Cary Spence was elected President, O.P. Adams became Vice-President, M.A. Stevens became Treasurer, Ann Liversedge became Secretary.  It was a hot summer and on the day of the Ladies Day Golf Tournament, the rain limited attendance to only ten ladies participating.

1959, January 22 Golf Pro Alex Cunningham started a new series of Golf lessons directed to ladies in developing new memberships.  A group of 20 ladies turned out and also stayed for a luncheon.
     A Calcutta Tournament was held the same day as part of the Ladies Monthly Inter-city meet.  Besides many categories of winning places, the Hole-in-One winners wer Mrs.  Bernice Reeves on the No.7 and Mrs Gertrude Perry on No.10.

1959, March 12 In an active 3-day whirl wind on the greens, the Monthly Ladies Tournament was held the first day followed by two days for the 3rd Annual Walker Trophy Tournament as played by both men and women.  To even the scoring, the ladies were given three extra strokes to add to their handicaps.  Land developer Wallace Walker sponsored the tournament and donated the trophies for first place and runner up.  As part of the entertainment, a special Dinner was held for Saturday night followed on Sunday with afternoon cocktails when the trophies were presented.

1960s During the 1959-1960 years of play, some of the most prominent persons teeing off were: Mrs. Powell Glass, Jr., Mrs. Wilbur Johnston, Mrs.  Irene Walker, Mrs.  J.A. Bellehumer, Jo Gex,  Katherine Reading, Maud Frye, Julia Frye, Lucille Russ, Ann Liversedge, Jane Borden, Ruth Polk, Agnes Merritt, Lydia Williams, Marian Hawkins, Stel Johnston, Nora Spence, Maggie Loesch, Caryl Prentice, Louise Arceneaux, Amy Graziani, Ella Mae Anthony, Denise Gaddy, Helen Mestayer, Flo Swanson, Margie Pitalo, Jayn Hatten, Marian Shaw, Margaret Schmidt, Golda Farmer, Yvonne Foley, Thelma Easton, Rosemary McFarland, Mayme Reid Welch, Thelma Earhart, Sarah Cohen, Laurie Poindexter,; and Walter Gex, Jr., John David, Frank Stevens, Don Prentice, Johnny Griffin, Tom McAuley, John Ellis, Guy Bufkin, Ed Perry, Norman Renshaw, Frederick Whitlock, Bache Whitlock, Frank Moore, Ben Maginnis, Ben McMath, John McDonald, H.S. McWhorter, Lester Walters, Howard Adams, Grady Riggan, Maxwell Merritt, W.P. McCutcheon, Herbert Finlay, Otis Winnard, A.  Cox, Herbert Stieffel, Roger Sharp;   and their spouses.

Inter-City tournaments were often held with clubs in Louisiana since at that time there were only five all year 18-hole courses spaced strategically between Pass Christian and Pascagoula.  These were commonly called the Mississippi Coast's Five.

1964, October 6 The ladies held a special tee-off called the Schoolbell Tournament.

1964, October 22 Winners of the 10th Annual Invitational Tournament were Mickey Bellande of Biloxi with a score of 146 in the 36-hole Mens Division after tying with Dick Merritt, second place went to Lee Fisher of Gulfport with 149.  Mrs.  George Armstrong of Moss Point, winner of the Gulf Coast Women' Golf Association championship won first place in the Ladies Division with 171, followed by Mrs.  Powell Glass, Jr of Bay St.  Louis with 171, and in third place was Mrs.  John McDonald, also of the Bay with 172.  Prizes were awarded during the evening's after play by Tournament Chairman Jules Soulie.

Regular monthly Steak Suppers were held featuring special wines sometimes Red sometimes White.

Pass Christian Tarpon Beacon
March 25, 1965
Miss Purchner Scores Hole-in-One
   Miss Catherine Purchner accomplished the nearly impossible, Saturday, when she scored a hole-in-one on the 17th hole at the PCIGC.

Pass Christian Tarpon Beacon
May 13, 1965
Stanislaus Takes Pirates In Golf
   St.  Stanislaus High School golf team defeated the Pass Hi team in match play at PCIGC.  In seven matches, St.  Stanislaus won five of seven.

Pass Christian Tarpon Beacon                                                  
June 3, 1965
PC Isles Golf Club News         
Ladies Day
    The monthly business meeting was held Tuesday, June 1, at PCIGC.
   The following officers were installed for the coming year; Mrs. Sarah Sharp, President; Mrs. Herman DeVries, Secretary; Miss Ann Liversedge, Treasurer; Mrs. Don Hertel, Tournament Chairman; Mrs. Guy Walsh, Ringer; Mrs. Bernice Flink, Luncheon Chairman; and Mrs.  John Hohnstreiter, Publicity Chairman.
   Prizes for the preceding month of May were presented by Mrs.  Walter Russo.
   Mrs.  Stanley Wagner was the 9-hole low net tournament winner with net 32.
    Mrs. John Griffin,  Sarah Sharpe, Helen Kohl, and Ann Liversedge tied for putts with 15.

Pass Christian Tarpon Beacon
June - July 1965
C. Max Dossett Heads Golf Club
   C.  Max Dossett was elected President of the PCIGC and Chairman of the Board of Directors.  J.W. Waggoner, Vice-President; Will Clardy, Secretary; and J.R. Shaudin, Treasurer.
   Dossett announced the following committees for the year.
   Finance J.W. Waggoner, Claude Schneider, and Henry Anderson.
   Rules and By-Laws  Will Clardy, Dr. John Griffin, and Miss Ann Liversedge.
   House J.R. Shadoin, John Hohnstreiter, Virgil Jolly, Mrs. John McDonald, Mrs. John Hohnstreiter.
   Grounds and Greens Dick Merritt, J.W. Waggoner, and Cary Spence.
   Golf Ray Wilson, Norman Renshaw, Jules Soulie, Henry Anderson, Mrs.  Roger Sharp, and Mrs.  Don Hertel.
   Membership Howard Adams, Grady Riggan, Louis Tregre, Percy Cahill, and S.W. Prague.

Promotions for Kids
   Free lessons for Junior members between the ages of 7 to 18, were offered beginning in June at 9 a.m.
   Capping off the lessons was a Junior Tournament usually held in August.

Promotions for Newcomers
   Poker Hand, Odd Hole, Dog Fight, All Irons, Best 9, Best 18, and Blind Hole were favorite tournaments with the ladies.
   Nine-Blind-Hole Tournaments were frequently staged with both men and women participating.
   Consolation Tournaments were specially held for those ladies who had not won prizes for the season.

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